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Lauren Wallace joins as Head of Marketing Support & Sales Training
Tuesday, 10 December 2013 17:26

We are glad to announce that Ms. Lauren Wallace will join Vienna International, Inc. as the Head of Marketing Support & Sales Training. Lauren who earned a  Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, is an also accomplished pianist, who has in our industry she has worked very successfully both in retail and wholesale. She has ample and detailed experience with Hailun products and will also provide support for all of our brand lines.

Lauren’s main task is to provide you with training on product know how, general retail sales, and service you with promotional support for both regional and corporate wide initiatives. Lauren will work in conjunction with sales representatives to ensure that they are the best equipped and prepared to service customers in their markets.


Hailun's Mike Carraher receives Life Achievement Award
Friday, 10 May 2013 16:43

Mike Carraher

Mike Carraher has received the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award given to him at the recent Mid Atlantic Regional Conference of Piano Technicians.

Mike has been a beloved Hailun team member for many years and has been pivotal to raising quality control at all levels of the company. Together with Keith Bowman, Mike has contributed and relied on his extensive experience in servicing pianos, training piano technicians, rebuilding grand and upright pianos to infuse Hailun instruments with a new level of quality.

He has been a mentor to many technicians and aspiring piano professionals both in the US and in China.

We salute Mr. Mike Carraher for his dedicated service and congratulate him on this award!

Photo: Steven Taylor, CEO MARC Convention (left), Mike Carraher (right).

Hailun: Piano Line of the Year 2012
Friday, 10 May 2013 16:23

AwardHailun has been awarded the prestigious Piano Line of the Year Award 2012 by Music Merchant Review.

The award commemorates the viability, quality, and value of Hailun products which have become  standard setting in the piano industry. Hailun instruments distinguish themselves primarily through their level of quality and workmanship while maintaining an very advantageous price/value ratio. They maintain highest quality, luxury features like beautiful bird's eye maple wood that are exactly book-matched to flawless symmetry. Such characteristics are usually only found in European makes of highest ranking. Hailun was also able to garner the coveted award because of its edge in innovation. Only Hailun grand piano are factory equipped with a system that allows for easy lifting of the grand piano lid and protects users from back strain or accidental drop of the piano lid.

Above all, Hailun pianos have become widely accepted by musicians of all genres.  The Hailun USA Team was honored by the award of the industry and looks forward to continue its focus on quality and value.

Search for the Best
Sunday, 14 April 2013 20:04

Attention Piano Lovers!

Do you love to play the piano? If you answered yes then we’ve got your opportunity to win a Hailun 50” upright model HU 5 P.

Beginners through advanced players are welcome to participate in the Hailun Search for the Best Promotion. Visit or contact your local Hailun Dealer to find out if they are a participating dealer. All participating dealers will have you come into the store and setup a time to videotape a piano piece of your choice on a Hailun piano.

Your video will be entered into one of three age group (6-11, 12-16, and 17-21) brackets. Each dealer will submit three local finalists to a national panel of judges. Out of all the regional finalists three winners will be chosen and one from each age bracket will receive the award-winning Hailun 50” upright model HU 5 P.

Everyone who participates receives a Certificate of Participation and a gift just for having fun playing a Hailun piano.

You become eligible when you take the following steps:

  1. Visit a participating Authorized Hailun Dealer and record a short piece on a Hailun piano.
  2. You may be advanced to the second and/or third round.
  3. Those advanced to the third round could be eligible for the grand prize which will be announced July 15th.
  4. All skill levels are welcome from beginners through advanced.
  5. Videos will be judged on the total performance.

Join us and our Hailun Family of Authorized Dealers for a fun piano experience and musical opportunity. Check out current videos from Search for the Best on our Facebook page, Search #HailunSFTB14 on Facebook to see all related posts.

Rules and Limitations: 

  1. All participants sign a Consent and Release form.
  2. Minors (under age of 18) must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Consent and Release form, and be present during the video.
  3. The winner is responsible to meet all legal obligations within his/ her jurisdiction including state and federal tax obligations.
  4. Please bring a form of identification along.
  5. Hailun USA may adapt or change these rules to comply local guidelines or legalities at its discretion without notice.
Your Zip Code is required.
I agree and understand the contest rules for this promotion. You need to agree to the rules above before continuing.
Hailun Exhibits Pianos at Bellevue PTG
Saturday, 28 July 2012 15:33
It's been a real busy week and I just now got caught up enough to write about the tremendous
response that Hailun got at the recent Piano Technicians Guild national meeting in Seattle.
I would personally like to thank every tech that came by our booth to tell us how much they liked the line
and that they would surely recommend the brand to their tuning customers.
I also would really like to give a BIG shout out to all the techs who liked us enough to become tech/dealers.
With the great respect that I have for the abilities and skills that it takes to be a member of the guild it makes me
proud that they would think enough of our brand to choose to represent Hailun in their areas as a sales source.

 As Hailun progresses  towards it's goal to build the best piano to ever come out of Asia I would like to say
how happy I am to be affiliated with such a new force in the industry. It is fun and it keeps getting better.
Become part of the excitement. Get on the Hailun bandwagon now.
Musically yours,
Joe DeFio
Steve Wonder
Thursday, 02 February 2012 06:02

Steve Wonder Visits Hailun Booth at NAMM 2012


Steve Wonder spend about 60 minutes at the Hailun USA booth and got glued at the new Hailun Grand 168 Vienna Series. Long conversations followed about how his performance and planned recordings.
DSC 0253b
Florida State University Students Visit Hailun Piano Factory
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 00:00

For several years, Vienna International, Inc. has been an ardent supporter of the only graduate level piano technology degree in the United States. This program is overseen by a visionary piano professional and academic, Prof. Anne Garee, at Florida State University. Every year two outstanding students are accepted into the program and as part of their capstone course they are given the opportunity to spend some weeks overseas at a piano factory. This year the two graduate piano technology students are Sharon M. and Katherine R. And for their final course they went on an apprentice / training session to one of the most important piano factories in Asia: Hailun Piano Co.



2011 chinatrip

From Kate:  Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Zhejiang province, the Hailun Piano factory hums with activity. Making quality instruments is everyone's business here. As we followed our liaison, Jack, through the factory departments, Hailun employees smiled and answered questions about what they were doing. They didn't seem to mind when we lingered for a while watching them work, or took notes and photographs.
One of the first things we saw was a demonstration of the HLPS-1 System in the grand piano finishing department. With the HLPS-1 System, the grand piano lid can be lifted easily with one finger! It has a slow fall mechanism that prevents the lids from slamming shut. Two employees were installing the system when we approached their station. With Jack as our interpreter, we discussed the calibration of the pistons, consumer expectations, and the reliability of the HLP System. When we returned the next day to see the final result, the employees invited us try out the system several times, and showed us how the lid of concert instruments can be removed easily for performance.

sharon with_hlps1

From Sharon:  Sunday, December 20, 2011

One of the highlights of our tour around the Hailun facility was being able to witness a soundboard press set up. There is only one grand soundboard set up for pressing every 12 hours, which is done within a climate-controlled room in a corner of the factory. There are two common ways to press a soundboard: a) attaching radial ribs (which describe the curvature of the long pieces of wood attached to the bottom of the soundboard), and b) a compression crown method (which involves pressing the soundboard itself into a shallow dish), or a combination of both. According to our guide at Hailun, they use a combination, pressing the soundboard into its home using “go bars”, in other words, against the overhang above the soundboard itself using flexible wooden bars once the ribs and bridges are glued on. As our guide, Jack, put it, “...[the soundboard] is the heart of the piano”. Hailun makes soundboards out of spruce, sourced from both Russia and Austria. The crown that is put on the board during this process affects an important aspect of piano manufacture called “down-bearing” among others, which in turn affects the overall tone and projection of the piano. At the Hailun facility, soundboard pressing is done slowly and with care, as it is recognized as one of the most important processes in the factory.

From Kate:  Monday, December 21, 2011

A single piano is made from many parts, but where these parts come from, and who makes them is not always transparent. Because the Hailun Piano Company is operating at capacity in their current factory, case parts, actions, and keyboards are made to their specifications at facilities nearby. In addition to the main factory, we traveled off-site to tour these places during our trip to Ningbo.
An improved music desk was the order of business on the day we visited the upright case factory. We accompanied the upright piano manager--her design sheets in hand--a quality control technician, and our liaison, Jack, on the 20 minute drive to the facility. It's easy to share information electronically these days, but when it comes to building better pianos, employees at Hailun prefer meeting face to face.
On our drive back, we stopped by the site of the new factory, which will open in 2012. It has approximately 800 thousand square feet of production floor space, and will help the company meet the growing demand for Hailun pianos in markets world wide. 
Retail Experience
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 06:20

Hailun USA relies on a network of dedicated and qualified piano technicians and piano retailers to make Hailun instruments available to consumers. Authorized Hailun Merchants are carefully selected based on their technical skills and their commitment to customer service. Often you will find Hailun pianos in smaller stores or in workshop showrooms of piano technicians.

We provide every Authorized Hailun Merchant with in depth material about our company and our products and expect them to reasonable relate this information to you. You should expect a knowledgeable product presentation from your Authorized Hailun Merchant. Similar to other high-end piano companies we rely on the Hailun Authorized Merchant to prepare the instruments for final presentation. Such preparatory work includes adapting the voicing of the instrument (i.e. the color and strength of the sound) to the local taste, tuning the instrument, and overall ensuring that the instrument will please a customer.

We expect the Authorized Hailun Merchant to follow up after the sale and ensure that that your piano is tuned after it has settled in your home. The Authorized Hailun Merchant is also our primary provider of any after sales service and warranty support. We therefore strongly recommend that you purchase your instrument from your local Authorized Hailun Merchant. For more information, contact Hailun.

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 06:18

About the Owners - Designers of Hailun Pianos

"Over the last 20 years we have sought to build the best pianos possible" said Hailun Chen, owner of Hailun Pianos. "The Hailun Piano Company is our family enterprise." Mrs. Haifen "Faye" Jin heads the Hailun Piano operations and quality control. Mr. Hailun Chen leads the company internationally, ensures constant technological improvements and secures technological cooperation with leading manufacturers from around the world. The Hailuns are both graduates of the Piano Technology School in Beijing. Mr. and Mrs. Chen insist on the highest level of quality, excellence in service and complete integrity in their business transactions.

The Hailun owners have a straightforward attitude toward their company: "I have put my name on my pianos and on my company" says Hailun Chen, "It is my personal guarantee to all of our customers, that each instrument is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it." For more information, contact Hailun.

© 2010. Owner Mr. Hailun Chen

© 2010. Owner Mrs. Faye Chen
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 06:17

© 2010. Owners Mr. Hailun Chen and Mrs. Faye Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen own the Hailun Piano Company. Both were graduates of the Piano Technology School in Bejing where they met and fell in love with each other as well as with the world of pianos. They founded their company together, which was initially co-owned by the Chinese government. The company specialized in producing piano parts and quickly became known as one of the most reliable supplier of highest accuracy semi-finished pianos. Mr. Chen incrementally purchased full control for the company and set his goal to build the finest pianos in the Far East. During that time he met a fourth generation piano builder from Vienna, Austria. Peter Veletzky and Hailun Chen struck up a special friendship and Mr. Veletzky transferred know-how and technology in order to build instruments that would be able to compete with makers in Europe. Hailun Piano Company also invested heavily in Japanese and German digital production equipment and manufacturing lines and is currently employing the newest and most advanced technology available to piano manufacturers.

With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. Hailun's 430,000 square foot factory now employs over 800 workers and 37 seasoned piano engineers. This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano of choice for thousands all over the world. Since the partnership with Mr. Veletzky Hailun has retained the talents of well-known American piano designer and engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano voicing and sound specialist Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and French scale designer and piano builder Stephen Paulello. These partnerships ensure long-term quality, innovation, and artistic production at Hailun Pianos. With over 360 European piano dealers, over 80 U.S. Authorized Hailun Merchants, over 40 merchants in Japan, and a growing network in other parts of the world, the Hailun Piano Company is a global influence in the world of pianos. For more information, contact Hailun.

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