Piano Technicians

Every year the national association of piano technicians hosts a meeting that brings piano technicians of all levels together for further in depth training. This year the Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG) met in Denver. The conference was well attended and Hailun sponsored a class on upright regulation. The class was taught by Keith Bowman and Mike Carraher and was standing room only.

As a company we cherish opportunities to support PTG conferences. PTG technicians need to pass a vigorous exam and the PTG does a background check on each member. Once the exam and background check are completed, a technician may cary the title of Registered Piano Technician. We generally recommend customers to choose an RPT especially for more advanced piano work.

It's been a real busy week and I just now got caught up enough to write about the tremendous
response that Hailun got at the recent Piano Technicians Guild national meeting in Seattle.
I would personally like to thank every tech that came by our booth to tell us how much they liked the line
and that they would surely recommend the brand to their tuning customers.
I also would really like to give a BIG shout out to all the techs who liked us enough to become tech/dealers.
With the great respect that I have for the abilities and skills that it takes to be a member of the guild it makes me
proud that they would think enough of our brand to choose to represent Hailun in their areas as a sales source.

 As Hailun progresses  towards it's goal to build the best piano to ever come out of Asia I would like to say
how happy I am to be affiliated with such a new force in the industry. It is fun and it keeps getting better.
Become part of the excitement. Get on the Hailun bandwagon now.
Musically yours,
Joe DeFio